Castration Anxiety

Afraid to let go. I met Larry Flynt at the grand opening of the Hustler store in downtown Cincinnati. I waited for about 90 minutes, had him autograph a copy of his book “One Nation Under Sex” and handed him this painting, explaining I was a local artist and would be honored if he’d accept it as a gift. He stared at it, puzzled, for a while and said, “Am I missing something?” I explained and he had a good chuckle. He called one of his security guards over and asked him to put it with his stuff. Hope he still has it.

+acrylic on canvas panel, 8×10″, 2009+ NFS – Given in person to Larry Flynt, September 2011

About Wiegeist

I began painting in 2008 when I found myself relieved of academic pressures and needed a hobby to fill the void. It was on a whim, yet I almost instantly was hooked. Since then, it has become my passion, my therapy, my "flow" experience (see the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). My art has been shown in galleries in VA, NY, KY, OH, and AZ. I participate in art festivals local to Cincinnati and have selected works currently on display at One Main Gallery in Milford, OH. I am inspired by Dia dos los Muertos, various principles/theories in psychology, and life's oddities. Whimsy, irony, tragedy/comedy, gallows humor, satire, cynicism, and gratitude are all on my palette. Acrylic paint is my primary medium. My abstract paintings are an expression of catharsis, chaos, mood, depth, and texture. Commission work is available starting at $250. Please send inquiries regarding pieces to Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!
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